"There seem to be videos of me all over Youtube.

Youtube. Wow. I've never seen anything like that before...

and I've been to 2 World Fairs and an all-night gas station."

- Gene LeBell


Gene: First Televised MMA Fight in History

Interview and clips of the First Televised MMA fight in History.... Gene's 1963 fight with Milo Savage.
Thanks to Stunts Unlimited for hosting this fantastic video.

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Gene in Fist2Fist Video

This is the trailer for Gene in the new Fist 2 Fist Video.

Gene & Bruce Lee - Ironside TV Series

Here's a classic clip of Gene mixing it up with Bruce Lee in an episdoe of Ironside from 1967. Gene is getting tossed around, but it was actually Gene that instructed Bruce in Judo.

Gene in The Jerk, with Steve Martin

Here is Gene doing one of his favorite things... letting movie stars beat him up.

Gene: Milo Savage Fight & Brief History

This is a very nice video from The Fight Nerd, showing Gene's fight with Milo Savage, and a brief history of Gene's career.

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